6 Month Endometriosis Coaching Package

6 Month Endometriosis Coaching Package

6 Month Endometriosis Coaching Package

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My 6 month coaching bundle will put you in the driver's seat of your health so that you're no longer debilitated by skin acne and moreover stress and strain that comes with a body you are not able to truly rely on. 

You’ll learn: 

  • The Secret to Finding Stillness in Your Life Despite Chronic Illness 
  •  Your Personalized Blueprint based Upon Functional Testing 
  • Tools to Activate The Power of Your Body & It’s Parasympathetic Response
  • How to Create Clear Health Goals Without Overwhelm 
  • Nutrition Guidance to Eradicate Symptoms 
  • Understand your Trauma Feedback Loop (and why it keeps you stuck)
  • Nighttime Routine to Encourage Rest and Digest 
  • Discover the Secret to Doing Less but Getting More Wins in Your Healing Journey 
  • The Sneaky Strategies to Trick Your Brain into Optimal Health
  • Uncover the Unconscious Stories That Are Running Your Life
  • Learn to Identify Unwanted Patterns 
  • Tips to Naturally Balance Your Hormones
  • Practice How to Stay Consistent Through Chaos
  • And So Much More

This coaching package is all-inclusive, not for those only looking for nutrition advice, because let's be honest your health conditions are impacting you socially, mentally, and physically.

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